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Spring time

Posted by dianed101 on March 31, 2008


Hi everyone, it’s a cool, cloudy day here in Socal. . I just have to share these cherry blossoms with you, they are from Washington DC, aren’t they beautiful.
I am finally over the strangest sickness. General aching, chest discomfort, built slowly for about 5 days, hit a peak that was far below
most previous illnesses and is now gone.. Well I shall be grateful that it is gone and it was relatively mild.
So what’s up with you dear readers?


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This Life

Posted by whisel on March 31, 2008


There are some things I missed along the way…. having made other choices, creating this life I call my own. Because I didn’t know what might be of interest or have such far-reaching consequences now, in my older decades.

But I did what I did, gave what I gave, became what I became at various points in my life because that was what I had to work with at the time. I’m sure that even if I had a perfectly, fully-sustained direction, I still would not have known any more than what I knew at the time. Life has a mission to mask its many mysteries.
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Not Suitable For County Fairs

Posted by scribe40 on March 28, 2008

County Fair



I love the state of contentment that follows
the untangling of yet another snarled strand
in this complex weaving I call my life,
which I am determined to complete
without a pattern, now that I see
how useless patterns really ARE
when working with living yarn
that has its own destiny
often concealed
until it’s time for the next color
to arrive on it’s own, or for
a new pattern of stitches to appear
from out of no where, it seems…..

this isn’t what I expected from life,
this is not how they taught me it would be.
I was told to create my life according to
patterns assigned to me, based on
gender, class, and times:
they said if I followed the pattern exactly,
my life would be a divinely beautiful weaving,
deserving of heavenly welcome, in due time…

I tried very, very hard to do this well:
to follow every instruction as written,
to never deviate from the pattern, using
only the life yarn and colors it called for
and my life weaving slowly emerged,
quite lovely, actually, on the surface,
quite pleasing to the observing eyes

while its underside, the part in which my soul
was wrapped, the side no eyes could see,
became a tightly wound mass of painful knots
and tangles that pulled and tortured and twisted
with slow, deadly, soul crushing force

so long ago, that awful time, painful memories
now faded into distant dreamlike mists
survival din and chaos only soft echos
sometimes heard in cold winter wind-wails


Now I sit cozily contented
wondering what bit of color,
what kind of yarn
what kind of stitches
will appear today?
What knots will need untangling?
What tiny new piece of this wild
and crazy life weaving
will reveal itself before I sleep again?
one just never knows…


It will never win a prize at any County Fair,
of that I am certain, for no category even exists
for such a messy mass of unblended colors,
patterns interrupted and replaced at random,
full of dropped stitches and holes patched here and there
with whatever material was handy, why it actually
offends the eyes of many who see it up close,
and upsets the serenity of others…..
which, while regrettable at times
is simply unavoidable, I have found

for if am to create a life weaving with an underside
designed to protect and comfort,
to hold and nurture and feed my soul
while here in this world, it must be thus.


if I am to honor the creative force that
designed my soul to be the shape and size it is,
and remain in a state of oneness with all
of it’s goodness, it’s light, it’s love, then
it must be thus.


this world has judgmental eyes
trained to only value certain patterns
none of which suit my soul,
so my own will suffice quite nicely
from here on, and who really needs
Blue Ribbons, anyway?


c 2008 g.mills

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Who’s In Charge Here?

Posted by shirlstars on March 27, 2008

You know how it is. Thoughts come strolling or sometimes rampaging through your mind. Like today.
I have been hearing from rather a lot of people in my little realm lately that an avalanche of “things” are coming in on top of them, that people, emotions and circumstances are just overwhelming them. Chaos prevails. Many of them are quite distressed. They are uncertain as how to handle anything. In fact often they feel so incapable and powerless that they are looking for the quickest exit possible. Wit’s end is a place they have passed a few miles back.

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Posted by shirlstars on March 26, 2008

from Karen Bishop

What’s Up On Planet Earth


This is perhaps one of the most exciting energy alerts I have ever had the privilege of writing. In this energy alert:


Information about completing the shift…

Manifestations internally and externally;

Much more about weight gain;

Letting go of our responsibilities with no guilt;

Allowing things to be “over” and moving on.


We have finally reached the pivotal point of critical mass and this is creating “the big release.” Enough of the masses have now had time to choose, change, and expand, and thus, we now have the opportunity to reside fully on the “other side.” Our waiting and also our so called work of holding the space for the masses is now over. The end of March usually brings in much new, as the equinox serves as a vehicle for this flow. Add to this the full moon and the energy of Easter, and a final thrust was created that served to complete this opening.

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The Masters

Posted by whisel on March 25, 2008

Such a thrilling find, at least for me.

Remember the Paint-by-Number sets, where for a couple bucks, you could become the proud renditioner of nature, landscape, flowers, wildlife or, if you were highly detailed and obsessed, Michelangelo’s Last Supper?  Remember the little paint pots and the unruly paint brush that came along with the set?  And the rough canvas panels with their maplike, powder-blue lines encircling tiny blue numbers?  Ah, for the innocent days of yore and their calculated, creative-like, cathartics.  But I tell you….  pine no more, for the Masters have been calibrated for your crafty consumption.  Give a gander to the latest classics:


It is now possible to paint an original Monet and/or Van Gogh for a paltry handful of shekels and two buffalo nickels. And, of course, I purchased both kits. “What!?!” you might exclaim.  “An Artist doing a Paint-by-Number! Isn’t that a rather shameless descent into a level of template doodleism from the rarefied airs of a purist, self-expression??”

“Oh, pish-posh!” I reply. After all, I was quite fond of coloring-book art in my time too.  How better to walk the path of famous Expressionists than to swab along their curls, colors, drips and dazzles…. just like they did.  Artists often learn by copying, recreating the styles and systems that came before them. Even the most realistic adherent will interject their own character onto the canvas. Yes, I say…. it can and will be done.  It’s fun, it’s challenging and kinda quirky too.  Everything I love in any type of activity.

I’ll begin soon. I’ll let you know if the process is as scintillating as the concept.  🙂

Whisel*, Advocate for Masterpieces for the Masses


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Flowers, I need flowers!

Posted by dianed101 on March 24, 2008


So how are you gentle readers doing today?  Please note two  new bars at the top of the page, one says about which has contact info for me plus some site information.  Then there is the one called crochet which I intend to use to showcase my work, some of which will be for sale in the future.


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Speaking of Race And Change. . .

Posted by shirlstars on March 23, 2008


Sometimes it seems like it is just not possible for those who were raised in certain eras, in certain areas of the country and in certain family attitudes to change. I know it often has seemed discouraging to me. I think back to that great song by Rogers and Hamerstein from South Pacific. . .You Have to be taught. . .

However, as I think back over growing up and what was the prevailing thought on such things when I was growing up and that the change I thought was impossible did finally come at least to one of my family members, it makes me continue to hold out hope for the human race to grow up, become more understanding, and finally let go of the absolute absurdity of racism. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by whisel on March 22, 2008

th_house2.jpgHad my hair “trimmed” and permed today. As usual, I thought my instructions were clear and specific – “Just a slight trim for the back and shorter on the sides and top.” Basically, a soft, semi-mullet. I should have known something was amiss when Theresa, the hairstylist was pacing the floor, eyes glinting, scissors snapping. Unfortunately, Full Moon hairstyling can be somewhat dangerous.

“I’m really feeling menopausal today.” Theresa says, wiping the sweat from her face. “Um, maybe I’ll come back in a week or two, when you’re feeling better.” I offer. “Oh no”, she says, plopping me in the chair, wrapping me in a plastic cape, relieving me of my glasses, “I’m all gung-ho for doing your head today.” eeeeeeeeee My lips have gone dry and my eyes are all bug-eyed about the impending disaster. “Remember”, I say, “not toooo much off, ok? please? Just a little, little trim.

Snip-snip-snip-snip-snip-snip …….. She is going crazy like Edward Scissorhands. Around and around the chair she goes. I am spinning, whimpering: “not too short, not too short, ok?” Then it’s over. I’m feeling light-headed. I’m afraid to raise my hand to my head. She points to the floor, smiling “Lookat all the hair I cut off! Now I’ll do the perm. How do you want it?” I glance at the floor and I see a full mass of hair that used to be mine. “Yikes,” I say, “is there anything left to curl??” “Sure”, she assures me, “I’ll roll it up and give you a fine perm.” She is licking her lips, ready for the kill. “Not too tight”, I say, “ok? not tooo tight, soft curls like waves kinda. Yanno, I like it loose, long and trashy.” “Sure, sure, sure”, she says, “just sit back and relax.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Shifting Toward Wholeness

Posted by shirlstars on March 22, 2008

by Jim Self
We are in the midst a grand awakening. A Shift is occurring. Together we are becoming a unified consciousness within a global community. The duality of black and white, East and West, right and wrong, us and them, good and bad, male and female is changing. The dividing lines are becoming less distinct. We are moving from the third dimensional duality of separation and extremes to a way of life that allows for many greater possibilities, connected community, expanding ease and well-being. We are in a Shift. We are remembering how to live in our fifth dimension consciousness while we walk in this third dimensional world.
Not long ago, western medicine was the only option for most. Now complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, ayurvedic wholeness and chakra balancing are mainstream. Remember the time when the only people we communicated with lived in our town? Our social networks now include people across the globe. Micro-credit and fair trade practices have given us relationships with people in Columbia who grow our coffee and others who weave our jackets in Africa. There are many more avenues to effectively heal and reach physical, emotional mental and spiritual well-being. The wisdom of the East is being blended with the knowledge of the West. However, what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today. Our wisdom and knowledge are transitioning into a new wholeness.

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