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The Power of Fear

Posted by chakracher on August 12, 2008

I realized last week that humans make decisions based on many levels – one of the most powerful being that of fear.  This hit home when my daughter changed candidates based on an email thread.  My daughter is a bright, well-read and beautiful woman who belongs to a fairly conservative church and has done a great job of balancing her beliefs with justice and fairness to all.  Making a decision based on an email thread didn’t fit her style.  If she had gleaned this information through her intensive Biblical studies, well, then I would have understood!

The more we talked, the more I realized that what is really frightening her was something deeply personal and earth shattering to her foundation.  Then I got it.

I know of times when I was consumed with fear about a perceived threat, and how that fear permeated the rest of my perceptions.  I build an energetic moat to protect myself from those threats – real, imagined, or too vague to tell.  Nothing escaped my cynical view.  I was wary and ready, survival was the key.

Today I read a piece that claimed that recessions are the result of collective fear.  It reminded me of the bank run in “Its a Wonderful Life”.  George Bailey watched his customers swarm into his bank to withdraw their money, because they were sure the bank was folding.  George met the issue head on.  He talked to each person from his heart, reminding them that we are all connected.  He used their unified effort to save themselves as a way for them to work together for the common good of everyone.

George’s lessons reverberate in my soul.  My mission is to remind my daughter that she can trust and embrace the Good that is available to all of us.  She is powerful.  So are we all.  And in that power, we can lift each other out of the bog of fear and into the connectedness of trust and awareness of each other.  Together, we can change the nature of what plagues us.  Maybe that is the mission we are all challenged to take.


Its a place to start.


3 Responses to “The Power of Fear”

  1. whisel said

    Hi Cher! Welcome to Village blue. 🙂

    I think you’re right on. Fear can be a formidable weapon to keep people from trusting in their original power. Fear keeps us huddled, sheltered in an uneasy agreement. And for sure, a government that wishes to keep the spotlight on themselves rather than on the people, will do all it can to create rumors, innuendo and villainy around those who wish to oppose them.

    I have my own experience with personal fear and trepidation. It’s not pleasant feeling trapped or paralyzed over particular trigger issues. I use affirmations to help me through certain episodes.

    Excellent topic and piece, Cher. Love your perceptions and comparison.

    Best wishes, Whisel*

  2. vintagescribe said

    The older I get, and the deeper I delve into self awareness, the easier it is to see how fear (of so many many things) controlled so much of my life. Plus, as a nurse, I can’t help but have observed the powerfully negative effects of fear on the immune system, and on healing and wellness. The ongoing stress of living a fear filled life style is literally a health-wrecker.

  3. shirlstars said

    Welcome Cher!

    Very happy to have your input here.

    Exactly right about fear. I have been extremely blessed (or very naive) in that I have never known the paralyzing fear that so many experience here. I can see how very destructive it is and how it colors and molds the lives it touches. That is why it is such an effective tool for those seeking power over others to use. If you can keep people in fear then they can be rather easily controlled.

    Certainly I have had apprehensions from time to time and a hesitance about which choices might be the best for me to make, but abject fear is not something I personally have experienced. Anything we can do to assist others to move beyond fear will absolutely lift us all up.


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