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If I Wait Too Long, I Might Pass Out

Posted by whisel on February 17, 2009

What about patience. Why is it considered a virtue?

From Wikipedia

Patience (pā-shəns) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.

“A state of endurance under difficult circumstances” Right away I feel myself pulling back from this description. I don’t know why anyone would choose to endure difficulties without enacting some kind of change or influence. Unless one has chosen to lead a mortified life, when in difficult circumstances, a person would naturally look for relief in some way.

“Persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.” Let me say this ~ there are no saints at the airport when the plane is late. Is patience the same as going through a minor combustion and then, barring no other options, becoming reconciled to ones fate? Nah, I didn’t think so.

When I am expected to be patient, I turn in a different direction, physically, emotionally or both. Meaning that if this is not the way, then another way must be available. Anyone who wishes to20persevere in the face of provocation has a different calling than me.

“Forbearance when under strain” When under strain, I look for the best way to ease from under the burden. Constant strain is constant stress… not good for the heart. Undertaking long-term difficulties without making adjustments or getting help in some way causes me to wonder about a person’s martyrdom factor. That too, unless it’s a life or death situation, has no permanence in my life.

“The character trait of being steadfast” meaning firmly fixed, not given to change is just not possible in a Life that is constantly changing.

I wrote this piece in response to a person who claimed Patience as one of her stronger attributes, but given her circumstances, I just wonder if she afraid to leave a most unhappy marriage. I am not a big proponent of patience as you can see. Undoubtedly, there may be a handful of situations where patience might be a good thing. If you think so, let me hear from you.

Best wishes, Whisel*


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13 or 14

Posted by whisel on February 14, 2009

Feeling lucky today? or do the numeristic vibes have you in a twist?

It seems as if the last few days been unsettling, energetically unbalanced. Dark areas, grey movements of concern and wondering. Then a sweet wave comes along trying to overcome the oddity-of-being. Such is life on Earth, a living planet in trine and conjunction with other orbiting masses, or so I do believe. And certain periods of energy impact create identical, vectoring waves, the wave and it’s anti-wave, making a body feel destabilized or conflictive at times.


If I tread lightly over incidents of cause and become just an observer, a collector of experiences, I find similar circumstances to be far-reaching. Too often I might think it is a personal condition. It IS a personal condition, but maybe on a global level.

The Universe breathes. With each compression and expansion, there is a vibration, a wobble. Goodness flows, luck seems abundant. Then the ride gets bumpy, choppy. We hold on for dear life. These may be extraordinary times in, on and around the transformational Earth. Global climate change. Magnetic fields reversing. This is nothing new, but the amazement lies in being witness in this life time to a small surge in accumulating events.
I create a lucky day for myself, engaging any good energies that wish to visit me. This day, the next and the next. Tomorrow on Valentine’s Day… may love abound and bring us into a belonging without hesitation or fear. Lucky Planet Earth. Lucky us. Loving people all over this planet.

Best wishes, Whisel*

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Full Moon in Leo

Posted by whisel on February 9, 2009

 “What this full Moon favors: Creating support networks. Making art (especially in collaboration). Planning something purely for fun. Seeing yourself as a bright star, in a field of bright stars. A night of passion. Letting go of unhealthy over-indulgences.


This full Moon is in Leo, the sign that passionately Loves what it loves. The ego gets extra confidence, with fiery pride of Self, heightening the awareness that we’re special. Leo reminds us that we’re interesting, that our life is a dramatic story. All that makes us unique is in bold, making us want to show it off. “Look at me!” (Astrology/”

Tomorrow I’m practicing for a Reader’s Theater Performance of “Valentine’s Day at the Home of The Three Sisters”. I play the Love Bug, an interventionist of sorts, flying in to lift the spirits of some morose gals who think that only romantic relationships are of value on Valentine’s Day. Kudos to Scribe who wrote the play and is directing the performance, both Readers and a Chorus. How apt to have this happen under the influence of a Leo Full Moon! I can dig Leo.


So different from last month’s Full Moon in Cancer…. moody, emotional and insecure. I hid out with my head under the covers. Ha!

Any other high-spirited Leo Full Moon activities going on out there?
Best Wishes, Whisel*

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Posted by whisel on February 5, 2009


If I am quiet enough, no TV, radio or volume up on the computer, the Gallery Guides will nudge me in the right direction. And if I picture a challenge in my mind with sincere grace and wonderment, they might tilt my head at a certain angle so that I can receive a glimpse of insight as to how this might be of benefit to me. It’s about me and not about me. It’s more of any equation that gives all participants an opportunity for work or development. Usually I have to unplug my mind and let my soul drive the program. Mind is a tool, a channel, a strong construct of ability. But the soul is the force, the fire, the behavior.  If I am still enough without talking or thinking, the Guides drift in with compassion and wisdom. They speak to the soul, the eternal energy that is here to learn, become, bring gifts, and practice love.

(sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t 🙂


Best wishes, Whisel*

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February in Minnesota

Posted by whisel on February 3, 2009

Six more weeks of winter. In Minnesota… it’s a sure thing… with or without a groundhog.

 I made some cabbage/sausage/veggie/the kitchen sink, slow cooker, mumbo gumbo of sorts. It’ll be ready in 22minutes. I think I made about four gallons of the stuff. Good for freezing. I believe that if I’m going to cook, I’d like to make enough for three days or three weeks. Otherwise it’s not worth me spinning around the kitchen for an hour or so.



I do not cook quickly, or efficiently, or anything else that would elevate the activity to a creative level. That is not within my arsenal of talents. Nor do I wish to learn. I’d rather paint, or cut & paste, or draw.

But I just found out how to clean my DVD player. I’m taking it apart tomorrow. Hopefully, it’ll be a successful event. Otherwise, I will sail it through the window so it lands somewhat dramatically in the snow below. A winter sculpture of sorts.

 Yup, it’s still winter. I’m an Indoor person anyways. mmmmm …. I smell garlic, so I’m off to sample the vittles. Hope y’all are tending the inner fires and creating good things for yourselves.

 Best wishes, Whisel*

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