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Nouveau Bland

Posted by whisel on April 30, 2009

I must admit, I’m not a purist when it comes to bland foods. I will tweak them to the limit and deal with the consequences later. I’m on a potato streak right now, after puffing up on rice for a week. Next will be pasta.


I can make wonderful low-fat fries. The recipe goes like this. Cut up some raw potatoes into fry-like wedges. Spray them with Pam buttery spray. Sprinkle garlic powder, a bit of seasoned bread crumbs and a drizzle of parmesan cheese. Bake in over for 45 minutes at 400 degrees until done. Very tasty. Hardly any fat. And they’re good with a smidgen of ketchup. 

I can do bland with a twist and it seems to satisfy the taste buds. I’m not crazy about eating all these carbohydrates though. They make my stomach rumble, teasing my brain into thinking I’m hungry. A hard boiled egg fills the protein gap. I’m still waiting for my doc to call and give me some kind of results to the tests they’ve been doing. So far… no suggestion to have a colonoscopy, although that will probably be next. Yikes.

Best wishes, Whisel*


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Good Stuff

Posted by whisel on April 26, 2009

It’s encouraging to hear how folks are pitching in to help communities.

My Texas family participated in Relay for Life, raising funds and celebrating Cancer survivors and their families. Hundreds of folks turned out “on the Border” to walk the night away in relay teams. The opening ceremonies were very emotional…. remembering those who succumbed and championing those who are fighting the fight. There were almost a dozen kids, receiving chemo, who marched. They sported neon wigs in pink and blue, smiling and waving to the folks in the stands. Free food & drink. A DJ and live Mariachis made it a wonderful festival as well as a fundraiser. You could purchase a luminaria for a remembered or surviving loved one. Needless to say, even one candle illuminates the dark.


My Minnesota family participated in “A Night on the Street” event. Each participant raised $100. They received a cardboard box to spend an overnight on the street. Actually, it was held in a secure, outdoor parking lot. Participants brought sleeping bags, warm clothes, food and thermoses. The event as held to call attention to the plight of homeless folks. The monies raised go to building more shelters for people who are homeless. It was pretty cold last night down to 40 degrees.


People helping one another…. brings out the best in ourselves. I don’t know that we can do enough to save the Earth, cuz it sounds like we’re using more electricity than ever, but we CAN do a whole lot when we do something positive for someone else. I applaud the do-gooders, whether it’s thru donation or participation that even one more humon being is given hope and encouragement.
Good Stuff this weekend 🙂

Best wishes, Whisel*

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They’re Heerrrre!

Posted by whisel on April 24, 2009

And they’re hungry. Mosquitoes. Our newcomer is the Japanese rock pool mosquito, a carrier of West Nile and encephalitis. Welcome aboard! I’m sure they’ll delight in happy homemaking in the many ponds and lakes in the neighborhood. And the delicious humon beans jogging, walking, picnicking, gardening and just hanging out this summer.


This is version number 53 to add to the other 52 homesteading varieties. There are 2500 types of mosquitoes identified on this planet thus far. Why oh why we need 2500 different versions of this bugger, I simply do not know. Of course there are almost 4000 types of cockroaches too. Although most roaches want to live in companionship with people, not dine on them.


I take notice of these things cuz I am a mosquito magnet. If there is a mosquito within three miles, it’ll find me. I’m very attractive to critters. awwwww... yikes! What we need is more bats around here. I may write to the University of Minnesota to suggest creating a bat cave or something. Until then, I have my repellent ready.


Anyone else bothered by these little buzzers? Some folks never get a bite all summer.


Best wishes, Whisel*

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Rice is Nice

Posted by whisel on April 20, 2009

I’m exploring the neutral landscapes of a bland diet. The low-fat, no grain, no fibre, low residue, no salt, no spices, no additives … bland diet. I no longer pick foods for a matter of color and taste. It’s a matter of agreeability now. Can I digest this item without it canon-balling out of one of my orifices?  lol  


I build my menu on a mound of white rice, to which I might add fat-free cheese, bouillon, or even mash in a couple sardines tinned in water. I love fish like tuna, salmon and sardines, but they require a “binder” lest they reconstruct themselves in my gut and try swimming upstream. Rice is my salvation. White toast is another big-time, bolus binder. Remember your childhood days of yore when Wonderbread was your friend? Well, for the beastly bowel syndrome, the 1950s are back again… but hold the baloney, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Just give me the toast with a dollop of applesauce or honey and I’m in rock and roll heaven again.  😉

Potatoes, no skins offer variety when I’m all riced out. Mash ’em, bash ’em and smash ’em, skim milk added for consistency, or maybe part of a sweet potato for taste and color. No spices, no herbs, no seeds, no nuts. NO POPCORN! Ok, I get bananas and yellow squash. But still…. I miss the crunch-crunch-crunch.

I’m thinking…. rice cakes. Yanno, those buttery, popcorn flavored ones? But yeah, I’ll have to check the label first. Then, who knows, maybe I’ll branch out into boiled: carrots, chicken and eggs (1/3 yolk).  It’s do-able, since the consequences of resistance are a guaranteed, ignoble combustion. I’m a devotee of the Pain Principle motivator. Just don’t ask me if it tastes good. Most often, adding taste is a matter of imagination. In worst case scenarios, I pretend I’m on a deserted island or abandoned with a lost tribe of Skinamarinkadinkadink and it’s my intention to survive on native victuals. Anything to get that ball of rice down.  🙂

And what’s happening in your world today?

Best wishes from Whisel* and Uncle Ben

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Those Crazy Beans

Posted by whisel on April 16, 2009


Is nothing sacred? WHAT doesn’t cause a psychiatric disorder? Seems like the indulgence in anything

pleasurable might get you labeled as some kind of weirdo.



      Caffeine-Related Psychiatric Disorders

              Author: R Gregory Lande, DO, FACN, Clinical Consultant, Army Substance Abuse Program,

                         Department of Psychiatry, Walter Reed Army Medical Center




I love my coffee and my coffee loves me. I’m an original “bean”ee baby 🙂  Not a lot. Not all the time…

but just enough to get the morning started. I like it mild and moderate with a splash of sugar and creamer.

A few little sips gets the machinery turning, the joints flexing. I’ve tried other morning lubricants, like tea,

cocoa and juice, but nothing says groovin’ like a Folger’s frappe.


How about you? Are you crazy for coffee or are you basically tranquil all the time?  🙂


Best wishes, Whisel*

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Up With Peeple

Posted by whisel on April 12, 2009

Couldn’t resist  🙂  Have a sweet Sunday with family, friends, animals, or….. those tricky, sticky little characters that seem to propegate profusely this time of year. 



Best Wishes, Whisel*

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More Nuts…

Posted by whisel on April 12, 2009

 I went to the doc yesterday after a four hour back-n-forth sprint to the bathroom in the morning. Exhausting. The doc seemed to think it wasn’t anything of concern. (huh?) He has me on a bland diet which is supposed to be: no fat, no dairy, no caffeine. (ohlawdy)

I changed that up to minimum fat, dairy and caffeine. And imodium and gas pills. :::blerrrk::::
It seems to help, but I don’t know what triggered it, unless….
it was the Balance Snack Bars donated to the residents about three weeks ago from last year…… WITH PEANUTS.

The doc pooh-poohed this idea. I brought in the bars to show him. He was very non-plussed about it and wanted to just toss them into the garbage. I said: OH no, I’m keeping them as evidence in case I keel over from lower GI explosions. So I agreed to fixing my problem with the diet and such.

But what ho now!
After a little research, I find on the contaminated peanut recall list:

Email this page to a friend Email this page to a friend 

Searched for ‘Balance Company‘ in Peanut Containing Product Recalls.   Results 11 of about 1. Results are sorted by relevance. You can also sort by date (most recent result first)
“Cached” version: Highlights search keywords and displays text version of document. 

Note: This list includes human and pet food subject to recall in the United States since January 2009 related to peanut products distributed by Peanut Corporation of America. This list will be updated as new information is received. The information is current as of the date indicated. Once included, all human and pet food recalls will remain listed. If we learn that any information is not accurate, we will revise the list as soon as possible. When available, this database also includes photos of recalled human and pet food products that have been voluntarily submitted by recalling firms to the FDA to assist the public in identifying those products that are subject to recall.

Balance -Nutrition Energy Bars: Honey Peanut
Category: Snack Bar Brand Name: Balance Product Description: Nutrition Energy Bars:
Honey Peanut Recalling Firm: Balance Bar Company Size: 1.76 oz (50 g) bar


So beware my little, trusting duckies…..
Inspect your cabinets and bins for older products with peanuts. Even Kashi brand has been affected.
Toss all pnutty items or check the list for product brands.
Something could be lurking in the shadows.

Best Wishes, Whisel*

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Posted by whisel on April 9, 2009


I’ve been indisposed these many days possibly with salmonella. After much research, the only culpit I can point to is the Energy Bars I’ve been nibbling on these past weeks. They were made last year and have nuts in them. Who knew to examine the label when chocolate was their primary ingredient? Ack! I can’t be sure, but I DO have a docs appt. soon.  Anyone having a stash of snack bars, be sure to toss the ones with peanuts. It’s been a long and grueling few weeks subsisting on a diet of white bread, crackers, bananas, 7-Up, rice, chicken soup and cheese. ::blerrk:::

Best wishes, Whisel*

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A Touch of Kindness

Posted by whisel on April 3, 2009


It was all over the news-sites I read. Michelle Obama touches the Queen! Protocol Breached! Oh my, and then the thunderous debate that followed these articles, leading down those wicked trails of racism, sexism, class-ism and the like. Good grief people, get a grip on your own humanity and values. What changes us from stranger to friend is that little touch of kindness that brings us just a little bit closer together. I believe in the gentle touch, the light embrace that signals a kinship within species. Animals do it all the time to declare belonging and positive intent. I thought the spontaneous touch between two elegant Ambassadors was lovely and appropriate.

Critics grumble about this item being less than newsworthy. But I say…. we are in the throes of change. Some are big changes. Others that seem small. But every little positive change in how we are together is important. It may not be exceptional in plan or implementation, but can be as peaceful and gentle as this. A touch of kindness between two individuals. Hopefully it will continue. And tensions will relax. And people will lay their weapons down. Oh, it is a long and rocky road to sister and brotherhood.

Best wishes, Whisel*

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A Phrase to Contemplate..

Posted by vintagescribe on April 1, 2009

When I sat down to make a journal entry this morning, this phrase popped into my mind, so I wrote it down…”Evolve In Place!”

Along with the phrase, came a visual of a tall pyramid, which immediately began to fade away, to be replaced by a mind-picture of a deep still pond, as it would appear if one had just tossed a pebble into the middle of it, with the ripples radiating outward.

I’ve learned to just allow phrases and visuals to  simply sit quietly  in my mind, and not leap upon them with this inquisitive  rational mind that demands to know  “the meaning” of it all, immediately!


Now comes more of a sensing, than a clear thought..that I am receiving something I really need to “grok” on a pretty deep level…that isn’t easy to put into words.

I am sensing however, that it has something to do with changing structures here: that it is of no use to view anything as a pyramid, or hierarchal structure anymore.  That it’s time to stop “striving ahead, or upward”, toward any previously understood outcome or form.

Because it won’t be there. It’s somewhere else. In the pond? Under the ripples?

In any case, it’s an attractive option to one whose body is aging and periodically retiring it’s various parts and pieces!  I can handle this sitting quietly by a still deep pond, tossing in a pebble now and then, and following it in my mind,  as it slowly sinks downward, to a new home place.

What did this phrase whisper to you, I wonder?

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