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Later September

Posted by whisel on September 30, 2009

TreesShar5 7-08The shades of Winter are here: grey, white, blue-grey.

 Brown sparrows rushing thru the trees for warmth. I would like to like Winter and I probably do at some core level of wellness where my soul-body votes  yes in absentia. Water turns to charcoal, dark muddy blue. The essential rainbow is washed into the earth, cleansing the sky of bright, newborn, baby-blues.  Autumn transformations go from rich russets of gold fading into thin, tepid, stingy watercolors. Intermittent bursts of sunshine bless the landscape in late afternoon. My eyes fixate on the miracle. Night nudges in a chilly dark wind. Reversals come again in the Spring. I like the Summer for oils and acrylics. The Winter for wood, paper, glues and scissors. Winter layers require three or more glazes of transparency, the living substance locked within the painter’s shimmery glare.  Clothing layers from tight to baggy, dark to light, skin to air, neck to toes.

 Then Spring unfolds, breaks through, rolls over the honey-primed canvas with  waterfalls of ochres, rusts, tugboat red, backwater blue. Summer is sunshine, yellow, orange, sassy siennas, fiery whites. Thick paint, wild hair and running feet. Birds ablaze with courtship and other athletic prowess. Scampering leaves. Insects and furry creatures dine on salads of weed and clover. Oh the summer Moons.

I am sobering up for winter. Make haste to stow away the summer gear. Pull out the leggings and hoodies. Sweat shirts and pants. Fleece, flannel, thermal. I live in a place called Upper Midwest. It is deep in seasonal shadows, high on a frosty pedestal of white and grey. I opt for cherry pink and Borstal blue, for burnt orange and prestigious purples, even in the winter. The geese are going to the Carolinas or have already left. They feel the shudder on their pin-feather, prickled skin. Outside animals make burrows, caves for the season. Those who can go south are packed and awaiting departure announcements.

Here I am in Minnesota in mid-Fall or early Winter, with the Scandinavians and the indigenous Winter Tribes. Every one of them can breathe pure icy air for ten minutes or more before they feel the least bit chilly. As the weather grows cooler this season, I wait for the heat, turned on maybe next week, I hope. Till then, I bundle and burrow in fabrics and blankets, holding a cup of hot: coffee, tea, soup. And of course, a kind word, a warm hug helps to stoke the inner embers. 

Best wishes, Whisel*


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The Edgar Cayce Primer, an Outline

Posted by whisel on September 26, 2009

edgarcayceRemember Elementary School? High School?  Or any school that you may have attended?  I went Catholic within the hallowed halls of my first 12 years of education. Oh if nothing else, those strict nuns were into drills and infinite amounts of homework. I could go off on a tangent here, but I want to swing the focus around to the two formats embedded in my brain by my first teachers that give evidence of comprehensive book reading: The Book Report and An Outline.

 Oh the joy of creating either one of these products was, for me, beyond measure. To this day, and in this moment, I do enjoy developing An Outline. I suppose it tickles the mental machinery of an INTJ to organize, edit and design information that is brief, succinct and chronological. Additionally, drafting the salient points helps me retain the information in my memory. Of course, I have to scan it everyday. ha  Nonetheless, it is a passionate project that invigorates my spirit. And so, dear Folks who stop by periodically, I present to you… my best efforts in writing an Outline for the Introduction to the book, The Edgar Cayce Primer.

 Best wishes, Whisel*…. in her Journey back to the Basics



 A.  Premise of Principles

        Oneness of all Force: Love, Light, Life, God

        God is both Law and Love 


    B.  We are Spiritual Beings, Children of the Force (God)

             a. Before and Beyond Time.


      b. Continuity of Life

    C. Adventurers on the EarthPlane

            Reincarnation, Karma, Grace.


     D.   Proper Motivation, Criteria for Purpose

      1. a. Quickens Motivation

        b. Standard by which to Evaluate Decisions


     E.  Establishing an Ideal


    F.   Three Dimensions of Consciousness/Concepts

A. Triune God Force

B. Humon Nature: Physical, Mental, Spiritual

  1. Mind is the Creative Part

    We become what we dwell on.



      A. All questions can be answered.

      B. All guidance, all healing comes from within

      C. Meditation is the Practice.

  2. 5. The Spirit Lives Within……Acts of rebellion

    6. Relinquish Control of Lower Self


    7. Application of Principles in real Life

        Living a Life of Hope and Promise



    PS: Sorry about the sloppy alignment and the seemingly random assignment of alphabets and numbers. The Computer and it’s hive of ‘helping’ programs appears to diabolically frankenstein any unusual word placements I try to create. Even trying to edit and fix these things meets with mindless, electronic resistance. Those of you who were born and raised before computers will remember typewriters. Oh sure, they were a pain in the butt in many ways, but at least they didn’t have a mind (program) of their own. :::sigh:::  I have much more control over formatting documents in Word than how my postings appear in the blog. Alas, I may have to fully convert to regular writing for purposes of this journal. I am not going to fuss with this anymore…. not too much more…. maybe one more time (or two)  🙂





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Fall Season 2009

Posted by whisel on September 23, 2009

September Art-3 9-22-09


Tis the time of organizing, attending, creating, scheduling and implementing…. oh yes.

The cats crave cuddliness as the days turn-over crispy leaves. They are indifferent to celebrated occasions, slipping into wintry habits and thicker coats for when the flakes begin to fall. They are only concerned with their routines, strings that trail along the carpet and a provocative, empty cardboard box or two. They are dependable and solid when their humon companions whizz and whirl around their seasonal agendas. Stunning creatures…. each one with a notable personality… to dominate, to stealth, to perch on high to watch the chaos and calamity.

Such winsome and wicked felines, I could wish for nothing better.



September Art-4 9-22-09Meanwhile, back on the ground, the two-footers are hoofing about in tasks of preparation and arrangement. I am part of the species that: contacts each other, orders stuff, puts up posters, draws pictures, fills treat bags, wraps gifts, makes lists, sends cards, totes supplies, and gets the ball rolling. The cats are amused as long as I don’t encroach on their feeding schedules and keep vigilant over tidy litter boxes. They indulge me, loving the mess, hoping I will drop something delicious or at least interesting.


September 13th was a fairly-tale wedding at Gale Woods Farm, a full day affair with gobs of family and friends, visiting, playing outdoor games, visiting the sheep pastures, trekking through the meadows, witnessing an enchanting ceremony, dancing, sitting around a bon-fire making s’mores. A most spectacular day, like no other wedding I ever attended.


September Art-5 9-22-09Since then, making birthday phone calls and cards. Organizing a birthday bash for this Sunday in the Party Room. Putting up posters for a Halloween Party with prizes, treat bags, and a potluck. Organizing fun times for all.


And in the eleventh month, I will rest. At least that’s the way I see it from here. Or maybe I will be gearing up for the December Holidays. Rest is when you take it, rather than to plan for it I guess. I will simply enjoy the moments at hand. Like cats do. And being appreciative of the quiet world of being internally peaceful right now.  :::ahhhh:::


Best wishes, Whisel*, Temporary Community Organizer

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Posted by whisel on September 21, 2009

georgia_okeefeAlthough I loved Joan Allen as Georgia O’Keeffe in the LifeTime movie on Saturday, I had hoped the story would be more about her, her works and her inspirations. The dialogue was superb, but it seemed to be all caught up in her relationship with Stieglitz, Alfred being almost an equal player in the drama. I’m glad it showed a piece of her and I would recommend seeing a rerun, if you haven’t caught the original.

But still, what a remarkable story it would have been if it focused on O’Keeffe alone, her beginnings, her works, her journals, her evolution of style and her relationship to Nature and the forms in her works. Jeremy Irons as the womanizing Alfred Stieglitz was fabulous. Joan Allen as the strong and undaunted Georgia O’Keeffe was sublime.

Some of O’Keeffe’s Quotes:

I have had to go to men as sources in my painting because the past has left us so small an inheritance of woman’s painting that had widened life…. Before I put a brush to canvas I question, “Is this mine? Is it all intrinsically of myself? Is it influenced by some idea or some photograph of an idea which I have acquired from some man?


I said to myself, I have things in my head that are not like what anyone has taught me — shapes and ideas so near to me — so natural to my way of being and thinking that it hasn’t occurred to me to put them down. I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.


Best wishes, Whisel*

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The Sorcerer’s Crossing

Posted by whisel on September 10, 2009

Clara to Taisha in The Sorcerer’s Crossing, by Taisha Abelar

“Before we can talk about anything meaningful, you have to at least be aware of your elaborate entourage.

 I’m referring to your barrage of habitual feelings and thoughts, your personal history.  Everything that makes you into what you think you are, a unique and special person. …..  Those habitual feelings, thoughts and past experiences are the source of all our troubles.”  

 “Imagine yourself a s a giant memory warehouse. In that warehouse, someone other than yourself has stored feelings, ideas, mental dialogues, and behavior patterns. The problem is that, up to this point, you had absolutely no say-so over the inventory because t was already established when you came into possession of this warehouse. The inventory never changes. Unless this storehouse is cleared out, there is no way for us to be who we truly are.

You are beginning to empty this warehouse. The more inventory you discard, the more you make room for other things.”


sorcerer“While traveling in Mexico, Abelar became involved with a group of sorcerers and began a rigorous physical and mental training process designed to enable her to breach the limits of ordinary perception.  The Sorcerer’s Crossing details that process, gives a highly practical sense of the responsibilities and perils that face a woman sorcerer.  Abelar’s enthralling story is invaluable as a virtual “sorcerer’s manual” as anthropology and a provocative work of women’s spirituality.”   –  Library Journal




After reading this book, I understand much more about the art of stalking, what is being stalked, the acquisition of energy, how to step into one’s ‘double’, and where it takes you. This story provides a certain clarity I could not extract from all of Carlos Castenada’s books. Maybe it was just my time to “get it”.

Best wishes, Whisel*


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Posted by whisel on September 9, 2009

4x4pumpkin5-08 (2)I just received my first Holiday card. Not Labor Day. Not Halloween. Not Thanksgiving. Nope. My first Christmas/Solstice card….. on September 5th, with a letter and family photo. It was quite nice actually, tho a tad early I think.  I don’t even have my Samhaim witches out yet. Next week for sure…. all my little cats, pumpkins, witches. Blacks, greens and orange…. lovely decadent colors. I may organize a Halloween party.  A potluck with treat bags and prizes. Never too old for fun and good times.

Yesterday I went on my weekly health walk. Monday is great for reformation, especially after enjoying a good block of restful sleep. Then by Tuesday it all collapses. Ha. But as I was going through my paces up and down the hallways and then basking in the sunshine for 15 minutes, I was dragged into an ice cream social in the dining room. So I had cake and ice cream.  I couldn’t be antisocial now, could I? 

Now about that Christmas card.  Do I hang it up? Or do I tuck it into my Halloween decor?  Such a quandary.  And the Christmas letter.  Some people are so witty at summarizing a year of events. I find them fun and interesting.  What would I write, I wonder?  Oh yeah…… I shoveled 122 pounds of cat litter, folded 688 pieces of laundry, baked 270 drumsticks powdered in onion soup mix.  Fa-la-la-la-la…. la-lala-LAAAA!  Anyway….. holiday time is here.  I love the decorations and whatever weird stuff tumbles out of the pipeline.  🙂

And how was your weekend?

Best wishes, Whisel*

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3 September 2009

Posted by whisel on September 4, 2009

The September 4th Full Moon in Pisces highlights an ongoing cosmic pattern that might account for the tensions, and as we all know, full moons bring out our emotions. So watch your emotions and name your feelings about what’s going on in your life and in our society. A named emotion turns into a feeling which determines our values. We need to live our values if we want to feel fulfilled in life. Pisces is the sign of surrender to the Divine, of intuition and mysticism, of the collective unconscious. Cathy Pagano, M.A., C.E.C, is a Jungian Psychotherapist and Mythic Astrologer   

pices moon 2

And this is the Birthday Month of many of my Beloveds: Nephews, Grand Niece, Sister, Heart-Companions, Soul-Connections and even Merlin the Magician, or so it is said.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful cluster of Individuals, ten in all, whom I’ve had the enchantment of meeting and being in alignment with in this incarnation.  

May all your exceptional Virgo energy and talent be blessed and multiplied. Virgo’s are so gifted in many ways, generous with their offerings to others, to the world.  May all your visionary Libran energy and enrichment relationships with Nature and with others be blessed and multiplied. Libran’s have clarity of heart and great sensitivity about meaning and mission.  May all astrological signs be sweetened by the first days of the magical Fall season.    

 But keep on eye on Mercury Retrograde, the infamous entangler of plans and communication,  which will begin it’s wobbling on September 6th.   

Best wishes, Whisel*

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Posted by whisel on September 1, 2009

You know you’re old when the doctor tells you to add more roughage to your diet.  Since when are hot dogs on whole wheat buns not roughage?  I try to beg, barter, banter and even beguile, but the truth is: fiber, seeds, cruciforms and tree bark win the day. What ever happened to that colitis I had a few months ago?  Oh well, the tide has turned and I’m munching on barnacles and bran again. 

More roughage. More mental stimulation. More sunshine exposure. More water. More social interaction. More challenges. More laughter. More activity. More deep breathing. More appointments. More tests.  Being retired is exhausting.

Chef Salad

Although I did order a Chef Salad at my favorite Chinese restaurant today.  Plus the usual proteins of egg, chicken and ham, they add bar-be-qued pork and shrimp…. and not too much roughage.  Ha!  And a tasty blueberry muffin for dessert.  Blueberries are very healthy, and the muffin part is necessary to keep the blueberries from rolling off the plate.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to cut down on proteins.  I mentally penciled that into a future agenda, something to tackle when I’m not living in the present moment.   I’m busy re-arranging my room. The chaos has begun. Now… that’s rough enough!

Best wishes, Whisel*

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