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Posted by whisel on November 26, 2009

Wishing everyone a happy day of Thankfulness, if you are celebrating tomorrow or sometime this weekend. I won’t be joining in a gathering, since I’m still bronchial, although getting better with each cup of green tea and glass of orange juice. And resting helps so much too. My younger sister will be coming up from Chicago to spend the holiday with friends nearby, which means I’ll get to see her for spurts of gladness and laughter, until a coughing fit sends me back into respite.

 The smart thing is having folks visit me downstairs in the dining room area or upstairs in the party room. That way, I didn’t put myself in a bind with trying to get my place ready for entertaining. Not this year. It’s going to be an easy weekend. And I’m thankful for that  🙂

Best wishes, Whisel*



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..And The Muse Shall Lead Thee

Posted by scribeliveson on November 24, 2009

(Note: For the past two years, I’ve made a practice of free-writing something, (anything!)  nearly every morning. I no longer wonder what it’s for, what it “is” or whether or not it makes any sense at all.  Then it’s hit print, and add it to the big three ring binders.   Most of it only exists there, since when my old computer died, it took it all my entries  along with it, so  now I also save copies online, in a private journal space. I’ve no idea why, so don’t even ask!   This morning, it occurred to me it might be ok for me to share an occasional mornings work here, so this is just an  example of what rolls off this keyboard!)


I come here empty-headed with not one single thought worth recording, from what I can tell. But still, it’s enjoyable to hear the click of these keys, so will stay awhile and see what wants to be said. My fingers do love to dance on the keys of this neat little keyboard, that has only the keys I need, and none of that fancy stuff.

It no longer matters  WHAT I write, only that I DO write, within the first hour of awakening, no matter what time of day it is. It’s what jump starts all other life systems, so it seems, anyway. That brings me an image of the old cars that needed to be cranked up before the motor can start, and..what?…bees?

I wander around a rather empty life
(or so it must look to others)
but it doesn’t feel empty to me
it just feels like free and open space
in which I may rest or labor as I choose
like an very old bee in a big field of clover
I meander from blossom to blossom, sipping
nectar of my choice, while others tend to
the work of it all.
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scribe lives on!!

Posted by scribeliveson on November 22, 2009

In spite of serious threats to my sanity (and my precious screen name!),  and more hours than I care to admit, I have PREVAILED in my war with WordPress, with the help of whisel and Diane. It took a prolonged  battle with Yahoo to reclaim that emial addy, which they won,   (so who needs YOU, yahoo?!? ) then another long negotiation with a new emial provider, and the creation of the third incarnation of “scribe”, but at long last, I am detached from the  long dead blog that was stalking me, and free, once again, to inflict myself on all you lucky folks!   I came here as scribe40, then became vintagescribe, and this time it’s scribeliveson!  (HA! Take THAT, WORDPRESS!   Can’t kill off this ol scribe with yer cyber-shennigans!)  Not yet, anyway.

I do think there is a limit ahead to my tolerance of techie snafu’s.  Computer troubles, cable access issues, cable box issues,  totally incomprehensible tangles like the one here that caused me to have to completely reinvent myself again., I have a hunch there could be some “last straw” ahead that may well tip me over the edge. At that point I may go out and buy a Red Chief Pencil Tablet, some number two pencils, and return to my beginnings!  (I might break the lead in my pencil, but I knew how to deal with THAT! )

Back then, there was nothing I couldn’t fix with my swiss army knife.  I even understood how cars were built, and how to change my oil and sparkplugs.  The phone was a study black box with a dial that worked ALL the time, without ever having to be plugged into an outlet.  Never once did I wish it could also take pictures. I had another black box that did that, and I knew exactly how to operate IT also. You don’t want me to tell you what I think of the new digital camera, nope, you really don’t.

Anyway, thanks Di and whisel, and ONward we go.. for awhile longer!

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Posted by whisel on November 22, 2009

Went to the Doc yesterday for this bronchitis. Big notice on the outer door: If you have any respiratory problems, or cough, fever, sore throat, headache, you must use the hand sanitizer inside this door and put on a face mask. Wow, finally some smart behaviors being developed. Waiting rooms are undoubtedly filled with germs, and hacking/coughing patients are generous with their airborne pathogens. Plus the health care workers do not want to get sick on your behalf. This should be standard procedure, even without the threat of swine flu.

Hopefully, hospitals are taking the same precautions. I may buy a box of these face masks and keep them on-hand for the next time I have to go to a clinic/hospital for tests, procedures. The thought of ever being hospitalized again scares me, cuz it’s a pathological war zone in there.

Be well. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

 Best wishes, Whisel*  ….. masked and armed  🙂

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Note to Self: J is for Jot

Posted by whisel on November 20, 2009

Just a jot to remember the what in what’s happening and the ‘what’ in what is it I need to do. Oh I don’t have a complicated life, really, but I do have a one-track brain of sorts.  Anything more than an original idea or commitment needs to have a colorful jot in my notebook.

The happy place I want to be, almost always and with every energy second is in front of a blank page or canvas. I may or may not make anything. But I do love sitting there and being thrilled with the possibility. haha… 

So I jot things down: to do, to be, to consider…

J is for January. I will be 65 then. I need to know what Medicare health/prescription plan will benefit me in 2010. My own plan has more than doubled in cost and dropped my major prescription. I may not have complicated life, but somethings are completely crazy anyway. I’ll just jot that down… and call on the heavens for a revelation.

J is for Janitor. Litter-boxes and laundry. Hm…. that almost converts it to an L word, doncha think?

J is for Juicer. I bought one of those blend masters awhile ago. I need to get it out of the box, soon, someday. I don’t even know if it works. Anyone else order anything and kinda work the unopened box into your furniture theme?  I’d better do this soon or J will be fore Jeopardy, meaning I invested almost $200 in a cardboard box.

J is for Joints. I’d better get with my daily exercise shuffle or I’ll be as brittle as a winter pine. Seriously, I think I’ll prioritize this with a red post it.  😉

J is for Jibber-Jabber…. I need to do less talking/typing and moving and meandering. I think I’ll tape this one to my forehead.  Oh gosh, I’m out of post-it notes!  Does this mean….. um….  that I have to actually get up? vacate my seat? and physically put myself in contact with my day???  Wow, I may even go for a stroll.

Oh wait a minute… J is for Jinx… actually bronchitis or some sort of respiratory infection going on now which will require a doctor visit tomorrow. So J is for Jarring and Jangly right now…. until I get those antibiotics…. and pick up more post it notes.  🙂

And whenever possible, whether things are going well or not… J is for Joy. For me, it’s an internal choice rather than some external arrangement outside of my control. So have a good evening or a pleasant moment as you read this and maybe manage a little smile.

And always…..Best wishes in your numeric or alphalogical travels. Whisel*

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Cooking adventures

Posted by dianed101 on November 16, 2009

If you have read any of my mis/adventures in the kitchen before you might suspect what is coming.
fudgeYesterday I decided to make peanut butter fudge, I had made it several weeks ago and all went well, so I expected no problems with this venture. But, not so good, it crystallized, so I tried cooking it again.  This time it was runny so I put it in microwave for a few more minutes. It was still partially crystallized so shoot what to do?????
Light bulb goes on, what about that vanilla brownee recipe, what about using the fudge for the sugar, it already had the walnuts in it, so I went for it. It’s in the oven baking now so I will add in the results here when it’s done.

My second mis this week: this time it was cinnamon rolls. I started the dough that I’ve made a dozen times before and after 45 minutes it only rose a tiny amount, (apparently I killed the yeast) so what to do. I decided to go ahead with the “rolls” which now became a doughy gob with cinnamon, walnuts and so on, striated throughout like some sort of marble cake and into the oven it went, what will come out? Results, it was very thick and tough , but slightly edible, however I could not eat more than a tiny bit. I tried in vain to think of a recycle for this but have not come up with anything.
So if you were me would you give up cooking, stick with frozen food, eat out, what? LOL

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Simple Saturday

Posted by whisel on November 15, 2009

I am happy that I could go out today and run errands. I am thankful for the drive-thrus at several places, so I don’t have to exit the car. I am thankful for handicapped parking spaces and scooters in grocery stores. A strong November sun pushes away the clouds, making my path bright today. Not too terribly crowded in spite of entering the lanes with the busy Weekenders.

People were helpful. People were preoccupied. An then….. finished at last. My mind is ticking off it’s concerns as I finally scramble back down the hallway, home at last… to the coffee pot and the cats. always underfoot. My beloved friend in Texas celebrating his birthday yesterday. Permanently blind from a stroke 3 years ago. I call him and wrap my wishes around him as he sleepily thanks me for remembering him. For as long as my memory serves, I will remember him.

A package arrives. “The Oversoul Seven Trilogy”…. 545 pages which I can’t wait to explore. But, patience, patience…. I need to finish “Elaine and Bill” and the “Edgar Cayce Primer” before I go head over heels into my next alternate reality. 🙂  And I do love these *soul journeys* I take when I open a fascinating book.

river pathI sit quietly …. sending courage and healing to all my loved ones miles away. That they are comforted, embraced by a loving energy as they continue on their path. I see the Path as so many stepping stones in a river. Some are wide and stable flat rocks, good for balancing. Others are small and slippery, easy to chuck one’s journey into the drink. The experience of growing and learning is irregular in steps, leaps and tumbles. All of the paths are important, each one says: This way…. enjoy, live, understand, believe, do better, and…. keep moving. I complete my meditation by drawing down the blessings and the Light for each one of us, who in our own way, at our own pace, must find the way home.

And then, rest. Time to grant the favor of lounging horizontal, giving thanks for this jangly skeleton that still offers me an out-and-about periodically, so I can run with the herd on a Saturday afternoon. I hope your day is interesting, your attitude pleasant, and your experiences…. beneficial.

Best Wishes, Whisel*

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de Kooning

Posted by whisel on November 13, 2009

I’m reading a book called, “Elaine and Bill, the Lives of Willem and Elaine de Kooning”.  Abstract Expressionists of the 1930s and forward. Immensely enjoyable for me. Here were the lives of committed Artists living on the lower west side of Manhattan, working on their art, living in their studio, barely scraping together the $35 a month for their rent. Living off a hot plate and the kindness of dinner invitations from their friends, doing odd jobs to buy supplies, meager food. Meeting in cafeterias, at parties with other up and coming artists, poets, playwrights. Committed to the process of their craft whether or not it would be saleable or not.
What I like about de Kooning’s work is the raw style of building layers and layers of paint and charcoal drawing. Rubbing out and reworking pieces until they bled some type of resonating result, agreeable to the artist’s vision of creation. The canvases show remnants of both the multiple drawings and multiple layers of color. The intellect of the artist with all its desire, turbulence and changing vision was captured in these paintings. They were completed only after much conflict and emotion with the medium, their muses and the method.
deKooning2For myself, the process of painting is much more interesting than the product.  I like that the relationship is challenging, exciting, accidental, inspired, frustrating …. and during the building of some pieces….. totally incredible. Here are some of Bill and Elaine’s pieces.
What is your creative, or accomplishment/spiritual/relationship/etc. PROCESS all about?  
How do you arrive at an agreeable place from your ‘blank canvas’ or conflicted space?
What is it about your process that you find most beneficial?
Best Wishes, Whisel*

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Where, Oh Where….?

Posted by vintagescribe on November 9, 2009

(to the tune of “Oh Where, Oh Where Has my Little Dog Gone?”)

“Where, oh where has our whisel gone?

Oh where, oh where can she be?

With her whirling sparks and her tinkling joys,

Oh where, oh where can she be?”  


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A Thought for Today. . .

Posted by shirlstars on November 4, 2009


Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy. We’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we’re not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy. We’re not trying to get someplace else; we’re not trying to get it done, because there is no ending–we cannot get it done. Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, May 11th, 2002 #247

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

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