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Re-Reading Seth, Oversoul Seven ~ What I’ve Learned

Posted by dianed101 on November 3, 2009

Part I

I started reading Oversoul Seven again a couple weeks ago, slowly at first then in the last week I really sped up and finished the first book and on to the second.  This time I decided to mark out passages that I wanted to remember, so I merrily made my way though the book, outlining my way and boy did I (re)discover some new/old things and some important truths that seem to carry a lot of weight in the grand scheme.  So bang, an opportunity came just today to put my new/profound insight and/or method to work.20grByJanosh

First, here’s a short outline of what I learned anew:

All of time is living, active and changeable.

In the past, present and future, there also resides a past, present and future in each one of them.  That in itself implies that all of the past,  present and future can be changed.

How to effect the change that you might desire in the past, present or future?

This is how I think it can work:

You go back in time to each of the places that were decisive, forks in the road, unpleasant times that shaped the you that you are now, the times you wished you had done or said more, the times you walked away or stayed to long;  and you change it.

Use the you that you are now, with all your wisdom, love and understanding and change the forks, the paths, the people, the times, the events, all of it, change it to be as you would wish now.

Imagine yourself with a loved one during a disagreement, paint the scene with love and imagine you solved the problem without a fight, that you ended it with loving and caring.  Imagine that you didn’t go on that date that set you down a path with a partner that would send your life careening towards destruction.

Now don’t expect that this will actually physically change the present time frame reality, (people will not disappear or appear) but rather that it adds a new layer and dimension to that which Became and especially that which became you

Be your wise future you that realizes just in time this is not the way I really want to go.  Then go on to paint each encounter, each unpleasantness, each angry and hurt felt moment with loving energy and right activity.

This is how I did it:

I imagined a golden, swirling, spiraling arc of loving energy and right activity and I swept it around and through all of my past, beginning at the beginning and on through the early years, touching on important people and events in my life for good or for bad and just wrapping them in this love and swirling through these thoughts and years.  That is the first step, and now when thoughts pop up of past events, I can do quick little touch up jobs, re-filling those moments in time  with love and caring and right activity.

In the next part, I will tell you how this concept has already helped and worked with someone very close to me.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and any thing you may have to add.

Here’s the link to for the book:

Shirlstars butting in here on Diane’s post. . . .

Diane has written a fabulous piece on probably the most important must read book ever written.  I am on my own fourth or fifth reading of it as well.  There are endless depths of knowing and understanding to uncover.  Jane Roberts brought us such a wealth of extraordinary information from the Seth entity.  The whole series of Seth books are invaluable, but this trilogy written in novel or story form is extraordinary in how it explains so many things that we often have difficulty grasping.

If you haven’t read this book, do yourself the greatest favor of your life and pick it up at Amazon or elsewhere.  If you have read it but not recently then it may very well be time to give it a read again.

If you should choose to read the whole series of Seth books, be sure to read the first two in order or the others may be difficult to properly understand as they make reference to previous information quite often.  I read them all in the order they were written and it was very helpful.

The secrets of our life in the Universe(s) are all there to be discovered.  What a great service to all of humankind Jane Roberts has been and she did it for us in the 1960’s and was the object of great scorn at the time.  An amazing woman with an equally amazing husband.

Blessings and Hugs


Now back to our regularly scheduled program. . . .


10 Responses to “Re-Reading Seth, Oversoul Seven ~ What I’ve Learned”

  1. shirlstars said

    Absolutely fabulous Diane.

    You know that I think this is a more than worthy post. It is truly clarity and this information is vastly important as we transform ourselves, our lives and all of earth creations into that which we are BEcoming.

    Well done, dear heart, well done!

    I just want to encourage any who have not read Oversoul Seven to pick up the book at Amazon or elsewhere and read it. It is life changing and consciousness expanding. If you read it some time ago it may very well be time to take another look at it.

    Blessings and Hugs

  2. whisel said

    Greetings Diane and Shirl…

    I haven’t read any of the Seth Books. Can I read “Oversoul” without having a familiarity of what came before?

    I have re-imagined certain events in my life to placate my memory from dredging up difficulties and painful occasions. It helps to cushion them with love, forgiveness and understanding, whether I know why they came about or what energies/choices developed because of their happening. The “Truth of the Matter” is way to big for me to comprehend, so I just place them in the Loving-Kindness of the Source of existence. For me, it is good to accept the grand Mystery of How Things Are, so that I may wrap up some scenes and move ahead to the next moment.

    Just so you know, I am awaiting my new computer to arrive, next week I hope. Right now, I’m using a loaner, so I will only be on intermittently.

    Best wishes, Whisel*

    • shirlstars said

      I think you can read Oversoul Seven as a stand alone without reading the other Seth material. Your understanding and knowledge of things in the Universe would certainly carry you in good stead.

      Ah, new computer time, eh? I am hoping to go there too in a couple of months or sooner. You just have to when you just have to.

      We will keep your place warm while you are waiting and have limited access.


    • dianed101 said

      Yes Whisel, do read Oversoul first, as a matter of fact Oversoul is the first I read at all of Jane Roberts and it led me to read more and of course to reread this book which is about my 6th time over the years.

      • whisel said

        I was pointed here by my last post: Great Expectations,
        so let me say this….

        I did begin OS7, but could not maintain interest. I’m sure it contains highly prvocative notions, but the fact that they are presented in stories (fiction) slows down the whole process for me. I just don’t have any enthusiasm for reading fiction these days. Probably, if I read an actual Seth documentary, I might find it interesting.

        But I will certainly pass the book on… to others who might enjoy the tales.

        Best wishes, Whisel*

  3. sweetpea48 said

    I don’t believe that you can just swirl yourself with good thoughts of things and people you’ve wronged. It does not just go away and if you are so foolish as to believe that then you have big problems. When you wrong someone, you cannot just imagine it away. You have to make amends no matter how long or how hard or how painful. Admitting you are wrong and have done wrong is the first step. You are trying to give yourself and others an easy way out for what they and you have done. Changing in your mind or the universe does not change it. Your wrongs are in the past, present and future.

    • shirlstars said

      Those are interesting opinions and I can certainly understand what you are saying. However, in my opinion you have not understood the deeper layers of truth and full implications of what Seth (and many others since) was wanting us to know.

      He began by giving us the concept that we each create our own reality. It has become absolutely apparent to me that this is so. He goes into great detail to attempt to get us to comprehend this concept. Once we truly get it. . .not in our intellect get it. . .but in our deepest knowing in our divine being, it is very clear that we are indeed the creators of our reality and all things that we experience in our lives.

      That is why it is such a huge step forward when we actually take responsibility for everything in our lives.

      Past, present, future all all concepts of 3D holographic illusion. There is no demarcation that we here call time in the reality of the Universe. All things occur concurrently. What we perceive as past or future are concepts of 3D existence. In the truth of the beings we truly are, we are multi-dimensional, energy expressions of consciousness and we are present in many dimensions and “times” simultaneously. (our various aspects of consciousness being, not this actual physical being)

      When we take full responsibility for everything in our lives we certainly claim or admit any “wrongs” or mistaken choices we have made. It is also certainly anyone’s best action to right those wrongs in anyway that may be possible. However, by the time many of us have grown spiritually enough to have incorporated such truths within our consciousness it may not be “physically” possible to right some wrongs. Some of those we perceive we have wronged may no longer be in the 3D physical form.

      The “re-writing” (or recreating) the past is in no way an attempt to find an easy way out of anything. It is a means of claiming what was, what we wish it had been and forgiving and asking for forgiveness for all concerned.

      I respect your opinions and you are free to express them here. We have room for all and their various perspectives.

      Hugs and love

    • dianed101 said

      Well welcome, it is interesting to know that someone other than the three of us has read this particular entry.
      I sense a tinge of anger in your comment and I am curious as to the origin.
      Let me address your comment as to”wronged”. I don’t think I advocated in any way anything concerning wrong or wronging in the sense you are implying. I do agree that one should make every effort to right a wrong if that is possible, failing the ability to do so, one does have to have a manner of dealing with whatever is in one’s head, for example, guilt feelings surrounding an issue. I don’t believe a person can or should live in a state of guilt and I know in my own case and many others of my acquaintance the guilt feeling they hold especially as they age as I have are very difficult to overcome. Thus I threw out there, a possibility, that is all.
      In my own life I think I have been wronged much more often than I wronged others, that is a subjective appraisal, which is all that I can provide and being able to forgive is equally hard and requires some work.
      Your other suggestion about “facing your wrong doing” or I will be in big trouble. Well dear reader, one will not embark on any method of change unless they are aware of their transgressions. so therefore I assumed that to be the case when I wrote the entry above.
      To each his own. I am not advocating anything, you are free to choose your own course as are any other readers of this site..nor am I a guru.
      BEst wishes to you.

  4. sweetpea48 said

    Just so you all know I have read the oversoul books, so I don’t speak lightly on my opinions.

    • shirlstars said

      Have you read the other (12) Seth books? They go into extraordinary detail to describe these concepts to us.

      I don’t know if you found any enjoyment or information of value in the Trilogy/ Oversoul 7, if you did and you haven’t done any further exploration of the Seth material, you might find it of even greater value.


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