My Village Blue 2

A Place to gather and smell the flowers

The Party. I Saw…

Posted by whisel on April 6, 2010

The decoraters. The cooks. The minglers. The clusterers. The young ones and old ones. The middle-agers. The familiar ones. The new ones. The laughers. The participators.

The watchers. The sitters. The stand-arounds. The active ones. The helpers. The gifters. The giftees. The food servers and the eaters. The loners. The quiet ones. The easy-goers. The entertainers. The introverts and extroverts. The first comers and the first to leave. The tarriers. The talkers. The listeners and the nodders. The clean-up and carry out to the car ones. The huggers. The goodbyers.

 Those that have someplace to go after that. Those that hurry home to take a nap. And me.

Best Wishes, Whisel*


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