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Return to Blue

Posted by whisel on June 4, 2011

It’s been over a year since I posted on this site. And yet… here it sits, waiting for my return. In the interim I’ve done hundreds of miniscule things totally uninteresting in the report mode, but personally entertaining in the interpretation. It’s not the actuality of life that enchants me; it’s the understory that makes it sparkle. So back to the keyboard, perhaps.

In a dream there was a blue mist. In the blue mist, there were singers that would step out of the cloud to perform and stand back in the haze when finished. Each voice was a distinct combination of sound and music, chord and instrument. Each voice contained its own sound and the echo of that sound. The Blue Mist Choir was arranged by an artist at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. It began inside a big rotunda, went out the back door and followed the shoreline around Lake Michigan up to the Aquarium. Singers dressed in blue and white, blowing fabric… stepping in and out of the mist, adding sounds that overlapped one another. I wished it to go on and on, but eventually I found myself back on my scooter, heading home to a different reality. I remember being in a hurry to wake up because I didn’t want a lengthy story-dream to obscure the Blue Mist experience.

I woke up smiling and the sunshine was there to greet me.

Best wishes, Whisel*




4 Responses to “Return to Blue”

  1. dianed101 said

    Hi Wishel,
    Well what a surprise to see you writing here today. Glad you found your way back and it was still here..
    I’ve often thought reading your comments on fb that you need the Village forum to get out your excellent writing and reporting on life.
    That blue mist experience sounds wonderful….have you been having vivid dreams of late. I myself have been having quite lovely dreams, some a little more serious and vexing at times. But all in all my dream state has been increasingly compelling and some days I wake quite exhausted.
    So, keep on writing here, and I will surely read.
    Many hugs to you!!!!

  2. whisel said

    Hi Diane…. good to see you here too. On a random chance I looked to see if I could find this place again, since my computer settings had to be restored factory settings this year and all favorites were lost. And so it is, I’ve stumbled into the Village again. Glad, I am. <— channeling Yoda .. haha

    Some of my dreams seem exhausting, adventuring through old houses and museums, trying to find a way in or a way out. A bit Indiana Jones I think. Some dreams are disappointing or even dismal, finding myself in an unhappy situation and waking from it in that mode. Not too often, thank goodness. And every once in awhile, a dream wakens me in a blissful state

    This last dream was quite lovely… all blue, misty and musical sounding. Inspired me to write the title, "Return to Blue". Coming here to post it was the frosting on the cake.

    Hope to write here as often as I can. You too 🙂

  3. shirlstars said

    Just in time. After a 2+ month hiatus, I am once again computer blessed. It has been an interesting respite. Both Debbie’s and my computers went out about the same time frame and sister Sue across the road was embroiled in AllTell’s capitulation to AT&T so she couldn’t get on the internet even though her computer was working. Seems the AllTell tower that we got our internet on is a different frequency than AT&T and since there are only a few hundred of us that it effects AT&T has been in no hurry to fix the problem. Not that there haven’t been numerous problems for others as well. Ah. . . computer stuff! Anyway, glad to have access once again and in many ways I have had great enjoyment of my vacation from the cyber space.

    Diane and I have done quite a bit of reading. . .re-reading. . .of books we share in common. She’s teaching me quite a bit and it feels truly glorious to be back in touch with words and books that one holds in one’s hands. Even writing things in notebooks by hand. Something about that process that is very fulfilling.

    Dreams have certainly been interesting! Although I don’t seem to be able to remember much of the specifics, only bits and pieces and the overall feeling of the dreams. A lot of people that I talk to on the phone (and there has been no decrease in the multitude of calls I get) are having especially vivid dreams, many of them related to old emotional stuff they are still apparently holding on to.

    So glad to see you here, Whisel!

    Hope to see more form you and Diane as the days go by.


    • whisel said

      Hi Shirl! Well, by golly… I gues we have a gathering of bloggers here.

      Can’t imagine not having internet for weeks at a time. Emotionally mind-boggling.

      I prefer paper books over devices. My eyes welcome the old format. My hands enjoy browsing the pages for texture. Are we heading toward an ultimate multi-screened life? I’d better purchase more paint brushes and paints before they go extinct. I like the actual “skin-to-surface” connections I have with my life.

      As well as the non-physical realms of internet, of dreams, of imagination.

      Hope to see your postings at VB2


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