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BOAT, Abstract Sailor

Posted by whisel on December 4, 2009

One day I was working on the knowns of my life, packaging each growth spurt in soft wrappings of easily manageable packages, stacked comfortably upon one another like so many pliable, plastic containers. I could even faintly understand the contents of the events, both individually and collectively. And I am satisfied because they all seem to fit harmoniously within the framework of my life.

Then a BOAT appears. It is not sailing through, but seems to be stalled in an inopportune location of my well-organized composition. It is not a beautiful Boat. It is plain and ordinary. It looks to be an old craft of weatherized timber, casting a shadow as dark and grave as any unforeseen, unappealing oddity. I could paint it out, saying: “nono, you can’t be here in my well-composed life.” Even as I consider doing this, I understand that the moment of noticing the Boat is not to bring an immediate rejection or denial into the picture. Because there will be the bitter outline of memory floating just under the surface should I turn my back on this moment. And I want no residuals poisoning my future work.

So I say: “Hello Boat” What is it that brings you into my view? Apparently, this Boat has been traveling a long time, has made many ports o’call, brought sailors and artists alike to the docks of consciousness. I am a bit nervous, being both a Sailor and an Artist, but pause long enough to understand the direction I need to take.

It’s a decision process not to be taken lightly. I can paint the Boat handsome and sleek. I can contain it within a giant abstract bubble of uniformity. Or, I can take the adventurous path and break up all my preconceived notions of how things are and allow it to influence a whole new pattern of experience. I choose the latter because the Boat is a message.

Everyone meets a Boat sometime on their journey. Maybe when the seas are calm. Maybe when the harbor is quiet. A Boat slides into view. It could have been a vessel to take me somewhere, announce a whole new turn of events, but not this craft. It came to remind me that what I know about the episodes of my life comes from a limited one-point perspective….. too simple, too restricted and too casually categorized.

At any given moment, I might be on a Boat, under a Boat, or going down with the Boat. Boats come and go, be they harbingers of catastrophe, miracle, news about sailing. They are wonderful, difficult, and in most cases, extremely effective in getting their point across.

The Artist paints the Boat. The Sailor integrates the symbol into the watery depths of the great mystery. Sailor ahoy! Be vigilant! A Boat draws near. I must function, cooperate, board the craft for my next great adventure.

Best wishes, Whisel*


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Is everyone Ok

Posted by dianed101 on September 29, 2008

Hey don’t force me to write something here, lol.  So I am curious to know especially if Whisel is ok, since this is the longest time since she has written here.  Please let me know and also Scribe were you able to log on after I fixed it for you.

Ok, I  guess I will have to write something bigger than this so I will plan on it for the afternoon.  Meanwhile a very good and wonderful day to you all.

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Walkabout with me

Posted by dianed101 on May 12, 2008

This is so cool, just made the slide show and then I was able to load it right onto the site from there.

So I took these pics on Friday as I walked slowly around my place, so you can see the plant  abundance I am living with and share with me the wonderful feelings plants can bring..

This is how I pictured my place to be when I first moved here 2 1/2 years ago with nothing but a few plants and bare walls surrounding me.  I dreamed of my trailer being covered in vines and it’s well on it’s way now with my lovely morning glory vines now reaching the roof.

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Spring time

Posted by dianed101 on March 31, 2008


Hi everyone, it’s a cool, cloudy day here in Socal. . I just have to share these cherry blossoms with you, they are from Washington DC, aren’t they beautiful.
I am finally over the strangest sickness. General aching, chest discomfort, built slowly for about 5 days, hit a peak that was far below
most previous illnesses and is now gone.. Well I shall be grateful that it is gone and it was relatively mild.
So what’s up with you dear readers?

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Flowers, I need flowers!

Posted by dianed101 on March 24, 2008


So how are you gentle readers doing today?  Please note two  new bars at the top of the page, one says about which has contact info for me plus some site information.  Then there is the one called crochet which I intend to use to showcase my work, some of which will be for sale in the future.


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