My Village Blue 2

A Place to gather and smell the flowers


This page I am going to use to feature my crocheted item, some of which will be for sale.



4 Responses to “Crochet”

  1. shirlstars said

    Nice work, Diane! I love my Poncho. You should post a pic of it too.

    Smiles and Hugs

  2. Mandi said

    I checked out your Etsy page and if it weren’t 97 degrees, I would buy a scarf. B-E-A-uuutiful work. I added you to my etsy favorite sellers and I’ll definitely get back to you in the fall. God bless!

  3. dianed101 said

    Thanks mandi, I appreciate your kind words. Yeah I know it’s hard to think of anything knitted when it’s so hot.

  4. staldernets said

    We MUST talk crafts!!!
    I love your work!

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